The Capitular Fathers Discuss the 800th Centennial of the Order

June 7th
Thursday of the 9th Week of Ordinary Time
Intention: Vocations and Formation of Vocations

Our day began with Office of Readings, Lauds, and Mediation.
After breakfast, we reconvened in assembly with the ritual prayers to the Holy Spirit. After a few words about contemporary captivity from a special guest we had the reading and subsequent approval of the minutes from the previous day.

Fr Ken spent 13 years in the Mission in India helping to form new friars.

Since one group needed one half hour to finish their group work, the rest of the assembly enjoyed an unexpected break.
After we reassemble, the daily well wishes from around the world were read, and we proceeded with the brief reports of the secretaries of the small group work.

Following important dialogue on various issues, the assembly discussed and voted upon a proposal regarding the erection of a third community in India and the project proposal for the Mission in India.

The hard work of the previous days blessed us with the benefit of finishing the morning session early (after a prayer to the Blessed Mother), giving us a well-deserved hour of fraternity and relaxation.
At dinner (pranzo), we celebrated the official birthday of Fr. Francis Davidraja.

The afternoon session began with a prayer, followed by the various greetings we received, and the continuation of discussion of various issues and proposals. We then discussed the initiatives for the celebration of the 8th Centennial on the Provincial Level.

Finishing the afternoon session with the ritual prayers, we concelebrated the Mass of Corpus Christi at the parish in Nemi followed by a Eucharistic Procession to our shrine. After a late supper (cena), we reconvened for the opening of the ballots. The day ended at 11:55pm.

Tomorrow is a day of recollection and prayer as we prepare for the election of our government for this triennium.

May our Father and Founder St. Peter Nolasco and the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy present your prayers for us to Father, through Christ our Lord, that we may discern the movements of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds. Truly your prayers are sustaining us through this process. Thank you.

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