The Roman Province begins it’s Provincial Chapter in Nemi, Italy

XXXI Provincial Chapter
Order of the BVM of Mercy
Roman Province
Nemi (Rome)

June 2, 2012

Day 1

We proceeded with the election of the Secretary of the Chapter, resulting in the election of Fr. Francesco Podda who accepted, asking for help from another religious to write the verbali. Immediately, Fr. Eugenio Caramia and Fr. Vincent Penella offered their assistance.

Master General Fr. Pablo Ordone

Fr. General designated Fr. Nunzio Masiello as Moderator of the Chapter due to his knowledge of the languages (Italian, English, and Spanish).

Fr. Samuele Salis and Fr. Francis Davidraja were elected as scrutinizers and accepted these duties.

Fr. Nicola Bocuzzo, Fr. Giovannino Fabiano, Fr. Antonio Pinna, and Fr. James Mayer were designated as the liturgical team.

Fr. Enrico Schirru and Fr. Matthew Phelan were asked to and accepted to be on the communications team.

The afternoon, the Jesuit Father Hugo Mesini presented a marvelous meditation on life in community and communal discernment, where God is everything and we are nothing.

After a period of reflection on the communal session, in a respectful climate of listening, we recounted our emotions and feelings of fear and hopes for this chapter.

At the end, Father Provincial Arcangelo Bonu presented his relation on the state of the province.

Father General Pablo Bernardo Ordoñe, in the homily of the opening of the chapter, said that as Mercedarians we must be experts in regards to captivity and communication. [Hopefully, this communication is a good start!]

Fr Enrico, who with Fr Matthew, is in charge of communications and photos 🙂

Good evening. Pray for us, that the Holy Spirit will illuminate our minds and that the Most Holy Trinity will grant us one heart and soul.

Also, check out this article about our house in Nemi and the work that has been done there.

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