Day 3 of the Provincial Chapter

Day 3 of the Provincial Chapter we continued to discuss the individual communities and how each can continue to grow in the Mercedarian Spirit of redemption. – Intention: Apostolic Works and Mission in India

Fr Tony does the translation from English to Italian and Italian to English

After praying the Office of Readings, Lauds, and meditation, and after eating breakfast, we began the work of chapter at 8:45am fifteen minutes earlier than originally planned.
After the ritual prayers, the day began with the reading of several greetings and well wishes that were communicated to the Chapter, followed by the approval of the minutes from the previous day.

The reading of the reports from the communities continued with the following, in this order:
• Roma, Santa Maria dell Mercede – Fr. Giuseppe Celano
• Roma, Studentato – Fr. Ettore Ricci
• San Cataldo – Fr. Enrico Schirru
• San Vito dei Normanni – Fr. Giovannino Fabiano
• Italy, report of the representative of the non-capitulars – Fr. Samuele Salis

After a pause for questions and clarifications, the relations continued with the United States:
• Cleveland, Saint Rocco – read by Fr. Richard Rasch
• Cleveland, Mount Carmel – Fr. Anthony Fortunato
• Le Roy (Mercygrove and 2 parishes)– Fr. Timothy Brady
o Novitiate – Fr. Eugene Costa
• Philadelphia, Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy (Student House) – Fr. Matthew Phelan
o Vocation Office and Postulancy – Fr. Joseph Eddy

After the pause for pranzo, and the afternoon break, we reconvened at 4pm.

After the reading of several greetings from provinces and lay fraternities, the reports continued:
• Philadelphia, Our Lady of Lourdes, Casa Massabielle – Fr. James Mayer
• Saint Petersburg – Fr. Kenneth Breen
• United States, report of the representative of the non-capitulars – Br. James Chia

This was followed by questions and clarifications, a short break, and a continuing of the reports from India.
• Edacochin (Student House)– Fr. Vincenzo Pennella
• Novitiate (Edacochin) – Fr. Peter Tajish Katancherry
• Elantikara and Postulancy– Fr. Jaison Valiaparambil
o Patlur – Fr. Vincenzo Pennella
o Jeevadhara – Fr. Francis Davidraja
• India, report of the representative of the non-capitulars –Fr. Francis Davidraja

This ended the day’s work as we convened with the ritual prayers and prepared for Vespers and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, may we continue to be united in the Body of Christ. Thank you for your prayers.

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