Video on Br. Scott Brentwood’s Ordination Brings Home His Roots

Three hours after posting, our video of the Dec. 10 ordination of Deacon Scott Brentwood has taken off like a rocket. The seven-minute video was viewed by nearly four hundred persons in that time on Gloria TV. (See video.)

Br. Scott Brentwood being ordained. Click for video on Gloria TV.
"The whole experience was phenomenal," says Deacon Scott

The video weaves images of the rustic Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia where Deacon Scott grew up and has many pictures of his ordination by Most Rev. Giuseppe Mani, the archbishop of Cagliari, against the backdrop of the historic Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria in Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea.

“The whole experience was phenomenal, but to me the most rewarding part was being in one of our oldest Sanctuaries, surrounded by numerous priests/brothers of the community, knowing that those in the USA were able to participate via internet….” Deacon Scott said in his article, “A Mercedarian Journal from Rome.”

The video traces his Catholic upbringing in rural Virginia where the Catholic population was very small, as well as his attraction to the Order of Mercy through holy cards that he came across during an unexpected stay at a friend’s apartment.

See the video on Gloria TV, or the articles on our website: “One of Our Own Is To Be Ordained to the Sacred Diaconate,” or Deacon Scott’s complete story, “A Friend’s Suggestion Leads to a Mercedarian Vocation.”



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