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Mercedarian men
Redemptive works of the Order address various forms of captivity.

Throughout the history of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, the Order has undertaken other charitable and apostolic ministries in addition to its redemptive mission.  The Order continues to exercise these ministries by organizing them according to the needs of each local Church and updating them in conformity with its redemptive mission.


Redemptive works of the Order address the forms of captivity, old and new, in which there are conditions that: 1) are oppressive and degrading to the human person; 2) spring from principles and systems opposed to the person of Jesus Christ and His Gospel; 3) endanger the faith of Christians; 4) offer the possibility of helping, visiting, and redeeming those who are in such situations.

Although the Mercedarians encounter these conditions within the course of the every day apostolate, the more specific redemptive campaigns of the Order are organized at the Provincial and General levels of the Order’s government. During these campaigns, the communities of the Order throughout the world collect alms that, according to the historical custom and law of the Order, must be used specifically for the redemptive campaign.

Currently, in the United States, the Mercedarian Friars administer parishes, teach in schools, provide chaplains in hospitals and institutes of higher education, serve as spiritual directors for individuals and confraternities, and support the local Churches in which they reside. The Mercedarians give great priority to promoting Catholic education and culture, seeking to strengthen those whose faith is in danger.

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