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Mercedarian brothers and priests undergo formal academic training.
Mercedarian brothers and priests undergo formal academic training.

The Mercedarian Order takes the academic formation of our religious very seriously. During the years of initial formation after the novitiate, the professed friar prepares for his future apostolic work. One’s formal education is at an accredited Catholic university or seminary.

The Mercedarian candidates for priesthood complete their philosophy and theology courses at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. Depending on education received before the religious life, the friar will study philosophy from 1-4 years, and theology for 4 years.

The friars who are called to the Mercedarian Order as brothers, often complete formal academic studies in areas that can be used within the Order’s apostolic work, for example: education, social work, prison or hospital ministries. These academic studies are normally completed within a college or university setting.

Cardinal Rigali congratulates the latest professed Mercedarian man.
Cardinal Justin Francis Rigali congratulates the latest Mercedarian man at his profession.

Unfortunately, this preparation does not come without a great financial investment. Currently, the cost of educating each individual religious is over $20,000 per year. Priest candidates who enter without a college degree will, at the current rate (not counting for inflation) accumulate a debt of at least $160,000 by the time they are ready to be ordained. If God continues to answer our prayers for an increase in vocations, we will have to continue to respond with a great financial commitment.

We ask for your continual prayerful support our friars, and appreciate your generosity in helping to support our seminarians and brothers financially.

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