Saint Peter Nolasco Residence (St. Petersburg, Florida)

Saint Peter Nolasco Residence, St. Petersburg, FL
Saint Peter Nolasco Residence, St. Petersburg, FL

Our continuing desire to establish a presence in other dioceses continued in the hearts of our religious. Saint Petersburg in Florida seemed the most favorable and sure. The diocese was expanding and greatly needed chaplains and teachers. It was immediately decided to accept the bishop’s invitation. Having already obtained the authorization from the general curia (which arrived in writing on September 12, 1984), the old cathedral rectory was designated as the initial living quarters of the religious.

This foundation shows good promise for a bright future. For that reason and to provide the religious with a more comfortable home, the decision was made to leave the precarious situation of a leased home. Property was purchased on which a new residence was built, blessed by the bishop of the diocese on March 17, 1991.

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