House in Philadelphia (House of Studies)

House of Studies in Philadelphia
House of Studies in Philadelphia

The opening of the house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was motivated not only by the desire to expand the Order to other dioceses. After much searching, the religious selected Philadelphia, where there is a diocesan seminary offering everything needed for a serious and complete formation for the priesthood, by the college seminary. Property with a house was purchased not far from Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, where the religious could follow all the formative courses for the priesthood. In a letter dated July 18, 1978 John Cardinal Krol, archbishop of Philadelphia, authorized the opening of the house. The religious arrived there on September 1, 1978. For one year, it juridically existed as a dependent of the Le Roy house, but by decree of the Master General dated August 15, 1979, it was declared a canonical house with all the rights and duties that the Constitutions granted to the other houses of the Order. The Philadelphia house is not only the house of studies, but also the center for vocational promotion, which intensified the promotional campaign directed primarily at young men from various parts of the United States, guiding them through days of reflection to which they are invited through media promotion.

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