Saint Rocco Parish (Cleveland, Ohio)

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St. Rocco Parish, Cleveland, Ohio

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The year 1926 will stand out in the history of Saint Rocco parish as the year when the church and school were built on the land purchased on Fulton Road. On August 22 the first stone was blessed in the presence of Joseph Smith, vicar general of the diocese, the Italian consul Valerio Valeriani, other priests and many people. The works progressed with such amazing speed that on the morning of December 16, 1926, the bishop went to the solemn blessing of the church, the school and the outbuildings, attended by an extraordinary number of people. In May 1927, ground was broken for the new parish house, The house was ready in early August. The religious moved in on the evening of the 10th, the anniversary of the founding of the Order, after friends, Italians and those of other nationalities as well, had furnished the entire house. This parish house was expanded and made more comfortable in 1935.

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