Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish (Cleveland, Ohio)

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Cleveland, OH

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The parish of Saint Rocco was very large, with parishioners who lived in the western-most area, four miles from the Church of Saint Rocco, where approximately 200 families lived. In 1926, an old basement was rented out which was converted into a church after the necessary cleaning and structural changes. Mass was said, confessions heard, and the first groups were organized on a regular basis there every Sunday, as of Palm Sunday 1926. Thus the church, with the approval of the bishop, became a branch or mission of Saint Rocco parish. On March 1933, property near the main street (Detroit Avenue) had been purchased in 1932. A suitable larger chapel was built there, and blessed and dedicated by Rev. McFadden the day before Ash Wednesday. In 1939, an ideal piece of land was purchased, upon which an expansion and building plan was started. The site was later enlarged by the purchase of more land in 1947. Finally in 1949, construction began on the building to be used as a school. The building was blessed on July 16, 1949 by the bishop of Cleveland, amidst the exultation of the people. Construction began on the church in 1952. It was completed and dedicated on April 19, 1953. The parish house was built between 1951 and 1952, and the religious began to reside there permanently right away. In caring for needy senior citizens. The “Villa Mercede”, a large complex of 151 apartments for senior citizens and the handicapped in need of a home, and inaugurated on September 23, 1979. The “Nolasco Housing Corporation” was formed in 1980, designed to build houses for parishioners under terms that help them buy the homes. These achievements have received praise and appreciation from the authorities of the local church and secular society, with respect for the Order, which thus acts on its charism of charity for the needy.

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