Mercygrove (Le Roy, NY)

Mercygrove, LeRoy, NY
Mercygrove, LeRoy, NY

The Mercedarian Friars came to LeRoy, NY in 1949 at the invitation of the late Cardinal O’Hara, then Bishop of Buffalo who was a friend of the Friars. The Friars desired to obtain a piece of property located on East Main Street, however, the Woodward Family, who owned it, were unwilling to sell. The Friars established St. Raymond Nonnatus Novitiate on Lake Street and remained there until 1991 when the Friars purchased the property they first desired on East Main Street: The property once owned by the Woodward Family, the former owners of the patent for Jell-o. The property known as Mercygrove in honor of Our Lady of Mercy is the US Headquarters for the Friars; St. Raymond’s Novitiate, Pre-Novitiate Formation and Saint Peter Nolasco Retreat Center.

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